Stimulating excellence

Clinical Advancement

At Neuromod, we collaborate with opinion-leading scientists and clinicians to conduct large-scale exploratory and confirmatory trials at internationally recognised clinical sites in order to build the evidence base for our interventions.

Neuromod's bi-modal neuromodulation technology for the treatment of chronic tinnitus is currently undergoing large-scale trials across a number of European clinical sites under the guidance and supervision of our Science Advisory Board.

To date, more than 600 European tinnitus patients have been treated with Neuromod's patented technology.

Details of clinical trials can be found here:

Phase I – Safety and Feasibility Study:

Phase IIa (TENT-A1 Protocol Paper) – Parameter Optimisation and Patient Subtyping Study

Phase IIa (TENT-A1 Results Paper) – Parameter Optimisation and Patient Subtyping Study

Phase IIb (TENT-A2 Protocol Paper) – Parameter Optimisation and Patient Subtyping Study

Science Advisory Board members

Prof. Berthold Langguth

University of Regensburg

Berthold Langguth is a Consultant Neuropsychiatrist who runs the Department of Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine at Germany’s University of Regensburg Hospital (UHREG), which he has established as a leading European site for clinical trials and tinnitus research.

Prof. Langguth is an international key opinion leader in the field of tinnitus research with over 300 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. A key focus area of research is patient subtyping and neuromodulation.

Prof. Langguth is the founder of the Tinnitus Research Initiative (TRI), a non-profit organisation that brings together tinnitus scientists from across the globe is dedicated to the development of effective treatments for all types of tinnitus.

Prof. Sven Vanneste

University of Texas

Sven Vanneste is Professor of Neurosciences at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) in Ireland and the University of Texas at Dallas in the USA.

A leading voice in the field of neuromodulation research, with over 250 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters, Prof. Vanneste has established a neuromodulation research laboratory that has become a leading neuromodulation research centre globally.

Prof. Vanneste has collaborated on invasive and non-invasive neuromodulation trials for the Enterprise Ireland, the Health Research, Board, US Department of Defence (US-DoD), the US National Institutes for Health (NIH) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for neuromodulation start-ups and large medical device multinationals.

Prof. Deborah Hall

University of Nottingham

Deborah Hall is a Professor of Hearing Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences at the University of Nottingham, UK. She is also the Director of the NHS National Institute for Health Research - Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit (NIHR-NHBRU), where she leads research projects on tinnitus and translational neuroscience.

In the fields of clinical trial methodologies and evidence-based medicines, Prof. Hall is highly regarded internationally, with over 100 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. She was awarded the British Society of Audiology Thomas Simm Littler Prize in 2010 for her services to audiology, and is the Editor of ‘Hearing Research’, one of the highest impact factor journals in the world of auditory research.

Prof. Hall has recently established the NIHR-NHBRU as a leading European site for clinical trials; conducting a number of high-profile drug and medical device trials.